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Textile facade printed for Cheops Technology

Textile facade printed for Cheops Technology

For Cheops Technology's premises located along the Bordeaux ring road, High Point has designed, produced and installed a printed textile facade of more than 1200m².
The textile facade consists of a single fabric, stretched around the periphery, which wraps around three sides of the building.

On the outside, the building is a large four-color fresco, the painting hiding the building. Inside, the vision on the outside is ensured through the micro-perforated canvas.
The canvas provides insulation from the outside and has a sun-break function allowing temperature control inside the building (bioclimatic façade).

Digital printing with a 10-year color-fastness guarantee

Made in Soltis FT381 Precontraint at Serge Ferrari, the membrane was printed in digital high definition. A protective layer with PU varnish gives a guarantee of color retention of 10 years.

Extruded profiles in thermolacquered aluminum alloy allow a mechanical pretension of the textile membrane by an adjustable tension system.

The assembly of the strips was made by high frequency welding. The layout of the welds has been particularly studied and treated in such a way that the weld lines coincide with the curtain wall behind the canvas.


Process of realization

The entire system has been sized and detailed by High Point in close collaboration with the architects. The printing and making of the canvas was entirely done in factory at Buitink Technology.

The installation on the steel support structure was provided by High Point with crane and aerial work platforms.


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