Flexible Solutions

stretched membranes

stretched membranes

High Point ensures the development and construction of permanent works and infrastructure metallo-textiles light but of great dimensional stability.

The building regulations also apply to the textile building and thus defines its conditions of realization, solidity and durability. As for all its achievements, High Point ensures production and installation with precision and in the rules of the art, guaranteeing works of very high quality.


  • Pringle textile structure

    Pringle textile structure

  • Tower in stretched canvas

    Tower in stretched canvas

  • Tense structure for a bus terminal

    Tense structure for a bus terminal

  • Under-stretch structure with large spans

    Under-stretch structure with large spans

  • Retractable pool roof

    Retractable pool roof

  • Hurricane-resistant canopy

    Hurricane-resistant canopy

  • Removable ice rink cover

    Removable ice rink cover

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