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Flexible dams

Flexible dams

High Point develops and produces flexible dams to prevent flooding or risk of submersion. These dams are made entirely of flexible canvas which adapts to the morphology of the places, they are very easy to transport and to install.

We can deliver these dams with protective covers and are also customizable. It is possible to connect different sections together. Modules of 5 or 10 meters are available.

Optionally, we can also equip our dams with valves that will empty it or keep a certain flow of water. The dam installs entirely manually, that is, no tools, special equipment or sandbag is required.

Advantages of flexible dams

  • Easy to use system (no need for skilled workers, machines or pumps, no need for trucks)
  • Easy to carry
  • No risk of damage or leakage (unlike systems filled with air or water where leakage can be fatal)
  • Can be used on steep terrain, with ditches or creeks.

Operation of flexible dams

  • Install the flexible barrier in the correct position
  • The flow of the water itself will allow the dam to unfold
  • Once filled with water, the dam is completely stabilized.

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