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Various inflatable application

Various inflatable application

Inflatable tubes

High Point manufactures custom inflatable tubes. They can be used for fixing goods and loads, but also to complete a space during works; for example, the space between the scaffolding and a building, to prevent the materials and tools from falling.

- ponds and water retention tanks
- technical pools ...

Fixing of goods

Inflatable tubes for attaching a load for transport. Diameter 22,5 cm - Length: 7,8m.

Complete a space

Inflatable mega tube: length 18 m and diameter 30 cm. Objective: to complete a space between a scaffolding and a building.

Dock shelters

Nothing is more annoying than the infiltration of cold during the loading or unloading of goods. With the dock shelters created by High Point, you and your merchandise are protected!

High Point manufactures inflatable shelters: a flexible connection between a truck and a building for example.

Inflatable Portal

This airtight inflatable structure consists of a double wall of flexible fabric inflated with air. This portal serves as a connection between a building and a truck to create an isolated space for loading and unloading.


  • Press or inflatable valve

    Press or inflatable valve

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