Flexible Solutions

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Inflatable lifting disc

Pneumatic lifting

High Point designs, develops and produces in-house custom inflatable lifting systems. In general, these lifting systems are used to respond to industrial issues for which no standard solution is possible.

A friction lifting mechanism

This lifting mechanism operates by fiction between the contact surface of the bellows and the object to be lifted. It can lift, for example, large hollow tubes. The lifting power is distributed evenly over the entire surface evenly, thus avoiding damage to the object. It can also lift objects without attachment points for lifting.


  • Lifting systems - trucks

    Lifting systems - trucks

  • Inflatable cushioning cushions

    Inflatable cushioning cushions

  • Rotor blade support

    Rotor blade support

  • Lifting systems - aircraft

    Lifting systems - aircraft

  • Inflatable lifting cushions

    Inflatable lifting cushions

  • Crepe Lifting Cushion

    Crepe Lifting Cushion

  • Side support for silo

    Side support for silo

  • Sloped roof support

    Sloped roof support

  • Inflatable lifting mechanism

    Inflatable lifting mechanism

  • Airbags for conveyor belts

    Airbags for conveyor belts

  • Air bags for filling process

    Air bags for filling process

  • Adhesive presser of connections

    Adhesive presser of connections

  • Labeling system with airbags

    Labeling system with airbags

  • Tipping mechanisms

    Tipping mechanisms

  • Inflatable clamping tubes

    Inflatable clamping tubes

  • Inflatable tubes

    Inflatable tubes

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