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Maritime industry hoisting system

Rhoon's Marine-Solutions BV has developed the Aqua-Willer, a system specifically designed for the Navy. The Aqua-Willer is an inflatable system that compensates the space between a bow of a tug-pusher and the barge. This reduces the navigation resistance which results in fuel economy. Buitink Technology took care of the realization of different models.

We are currently working intensively on the development of the Aqua-Willer. We tested different models. From these tests, only one model emerged and was tested again. The Aqua-Willer consists of two large inflatable cylinders placed on each side of the tug-booster's bow and attached to the barge. The size of the tugboat determines the size of the Aqua-Willer. The higher the accuracy, the better the efficiency of the system.

The choice of material

For such a product, the choice of material is of utmost importance. This is where Buitink Technology plays an important role. The cylinders consist of double polyester cloth V-type PVC-coated.. The areas subject to wear are reinforced with one or more layers of fabric whose coating is made of polyurethane, among others. The red cover which covers the cylinders is a product specially manufactured for heavy applications. The PVC-coated polyester fabric has a stretching resistance of about 17000 N / 5 cm (which means that a strip of this fabric only 5 cm wide can support a weight of no less than 1.700 kg). The elements of the canvas are mainly connected by welds made and controlled using a special device.

The prototype was made in our large workshops and we followed the first tests in the field. Thanks to our expertise in technical textile applications and our experience in designing and producing inflatable solutions, we were able to advise and support Marine-Solutions in this journey.


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