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Floating inflatable guide unit

Floats for dam gates

BSB Staalbouw and Buitink - High Point, have developed, produced and installed floating inflatable guide units for lowering or raising 130 ton boom gates. This system of inflatable floats was used for the renovation of three dams.

In inflated situations, the flexible units lift the weight of the door by tilting it.
Filled with water, the flexible units act like ballast and bring down these massive doors.

Assisted by a crane inflatable floats support the weight of construction in the water.

The renovation carried out by BSB Staalbouw and Siemens includes the installation under water of temporary doors in order to remove, replace or renovate the existing locks.

Inflatable float connections

Each part of the temporary door is connected to 8 floats. We determined with BSB Staalbouw, dimensions, position and fixing points. The biggest challenge during the manufacturing was to find the appropriate floating power, but also the good stability and the center of gravity.

Control of inflatable guide units

All inflatable floats (16 units) are connected to an air compressor with divider. Each inflatable float is individually controlled so that each receives its own pressure and air flow. This advanced float control allows precise adjustment of the horizontal position during the ascent or descent of the doors.

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