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Inflatable therapeutic basin for cattle

High Point therapeutic pool allows the weakened cattle to get up in a natural way. The pool offers a number of important advantages over traditional systems.

Entirely made of canvas, it generally consists of four inflatable walls and a bottom. The pool is placed in the deflated state (so like a flat tarpaulin) at the desired place. The cattle are then rolled or deposited on the cloth, and the four strips of the walls are inflated with air one after another, while filling the pool with hot water. The height of the water gradually increases in the pool and the cattle, which starts to 'float', can thus rise more easily.

Advantages over other systems:
- It is practically not necessary to move the cattle, the pool swelling around the animal.
- The pool is fully canvas and does not have rigid parts that could hurt the cattle.
- The pool is a very easy job.
- This pool is manufactured in our factory. We can also offer you customized products that meet your specific requirements.


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