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Inflatable operating table

High Point produces inflatable operating tables for animals such as cattle, horses and pigs. These operating tables are made by means of a special sailcloth and constructed of different layers that can be inflated separately from each other: position and height can thus always be correctly adjusted. The upper layer serves as a work surface, while the lower layers have a support function and adjust the height.

The table can also be equipped with a chassis - rolling or not -. The standard product is equipped with a special 220 V air pump and a number of attachment points for attaching animals. If the table is to be used for a long time without supervision, it can be connected to an adjustment and measuring system, able to constantly control the pressure in the layers and to adjust the pressure on the base variations, or to emit an alarm signal.


The main advantages of the Buitink Technology operating table are:
  • The different layers that can be inflated separately, height and shape desired can always be adapted;
  • The different layers can also be partially inflated if necessary;
  • The table is, in its entirety, constructed of sailcloth filled with air, the animal lying on it will not quickly incur the risk of getting hurt or hurting himself;
  • The table is easy to use;
  • The table is easy to maintain and clean;
  • Since the tables consist of an inner and outer tire, the system is robust and durable.
  • In the event of a puncture, it will be possible to change the inner tire yourself and repair it, unless you prefer to send it to us for repair.

The operating tables are manufactured in our own factory, we can deliver them to measure and meet your specific needs / requests. It is with pleasure that we will provide you with any additional information.


Operating tables are available in two sizes (with five inflatable layers)
  • Length x width x height (fully inflated) = 270 x 160 x 95 cm
  • Length x width x height (fully inflated) = 230 x 115 x 100 cm


The outside of the table is made of polyurethane cover which is an extremely resistant and durable material. The interior is made with totally airtight inflatable elements..

Temperature range

The operating table can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 to 80°C.

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