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High Point: architectures textiles

HIGH POINT specializes in the development, manufacture and installation of new-generation textile structures: ETFE airbags or mechanical pretensioners, Stretch Tents, tailor-made textile creations ...

Flexible materials have properties quite distinct from other building materials and offer unlimited three-dimensional possibilities.

Light structures whose flexible envelope deforms by tension and compression are called active-shaped structures. With the variation of the external load elements (mass, wind, rain, snow) the geometry of the structure deforms without yielding.

The integration of lightweight structures into an architectural project involves procedures that are completely different from those used in other types of construction. Each work must be studied as soon as possible, from the sketching phase, to optimize the technical and design aspects. HIGH POINT accompanies you and advises you throughout your projects.

Recent developments of soft materials open the door to techniques for the realization of ever more airy and sustainable works. Research and innovation are at the heart of our development strategy. HIGH POINT constantly offers new solutions to architects and designers.

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