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Maintenance of inflatable canopies in ETFE

ETFE canopies and façades

ETFE inflatable roofs and facades depend on the continuous operation of the inflation units. Deflated, the ETFE cushions can move in the wind, cause noise and fill with water, which will cause too much load on the structure.

To avoid this effect, it is essential to perform regular maintenance according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

HIGH POINT is involved in many works in the context of annual maintenance, bi-annual, whether for corrective or preventive maintenance operations.

Prestressed PVC strained structures

Regular maintenance gratly increases the service life of membrane structures. General condition, film tension and cables, etc are checked.

HIGH POINT offers the following services:

Inspection, diagnosis and repair of possible disorders.

Cleaning the membranes on their external and internal faces.

Stretch tents

We maintain the stretch membranes by offering cleaning and repair services.

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